My critique

                                         SHREK:THE MUSICAL


If you love wasting lots of money on anything your musical loving mind desires then Shrek: The Musical is meant for you. Directed by Mr. Dunlop this play is a spinoff of the movie Shrek with much more singing and dancing which is what people come to expect from a musical. I guess that’s what makes me not enjoy musicals even though the props were great the actors were ok too. Even though the sound was good with music and farting the lighting was not great It was a good production overall in most peoples eyes but I just didn’t find it great. Aside from the fart jokes it wasn’t my favourite play.

The props were my favourite thing about Shrek: The Musical.  Gingy’s mouth was moving on cue  and pinocchio and the dragon were all great. Even though the dragon’s arm fell off I would rather have a huge three legged red eyed dragon going all over the stage than no dragon at all. The makeup on Shrek and other cast members were  great but I think donkeys could have been better with his face. The set and stage was also decently put together and looked good when it changed from one scene to another.


The special effects and all technical crew business was ok but at parts the backstage crew was easy to tell it was a high school production.  For example, when the dragons arm fell off and the backstage crew with mics on were talking about it with their mics on in the middle of the play. Then again it was a high school production and for a high school play it was good, but i think I am just not a musical person.


The reaction of the crowd and the enthusiasm of the performers was great and they were into it, but that didn’t always fit the characters role and feelings.For example, when shrek got all happy when he saved the princess when he should of been emotionless and just relieved to get his swamp back instead of singing with the princess. I know thats what people do in musicals, but thats exactly why I probably didn’t enjoy it as much because I can take some singing but when there is 50 cutscenes about someone singing about someone right behind them and that person can’t hear them is what bugs me about this musical.

Like I said Shrek the musical is not my favourite play ever but I would recommend it if you like all the singing and dancing but if you’re like me and you just don’t like it all then don’t bother seeing this play. People with a sense of humour will laugh at the jokes put out there but if you can’t take a fart joke here or there, or can’t watch all the songs and dances for another minute then do yourself a favour and don’t see this play. Overall props to Mr. Dunlop on the play it just wasn’t to my liking. I’d give it a two and a half stars out of five stars.


Olympic post

Losing is tough and the closer you were the tougher it is to chew. 0.1 seconds is the blink of an eye and to lose by the blink of an eye is crushing. Just to lose is unfortunate but to lose in that fashion and way is even worse. I would rather lose by 20 seconds then 0.1 because it makes it easier to look back and see your flaws and still see what you did right  rather then just finding the negative but that is  OK  because next Olympics you know it will be yours to win.

Storms and How They’ve Affected Me

Storms are a big way of mother nature telling us how she feels, and sometimes she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. I myself have never had any traumatic experiences with fatal weather such as tornadoes or hurricanes, but my dad was stuck right in the middle of “Tornado alley” in Oklahoma when he went there for a business trip.

He said that tornadoes are something not to be messed with and just how lucky he was that it was only an F1 tornado (F1-F6).  In general all weather is bad and sometimes wreck less but tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis have to be my top three big storms that can happen.

2013 Year in Review

For me this years most important and eye opening events was the typhoon that struck many parts of the Philippines, killing nearly 60 people and injuring many others. But the most important thing is how they will have to live now with the knowledge in the back of their minds that another typhoon could come and sweep them away the next day. Also, it shows all of us in Canada that where we live is a lucky place to live and that we should all be thankful for being privileged enough to live in a safe and free country.

Week 10

Overall I think my blog was pretty well done because I worked hard on it and finished all my challenges and even did separate posts about my blog topic which was the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey team which by the way is 14-10-2 and playing a tough december schedule starting  tomorrow night. Anyways I found doing this blog fun and exciting and something new that I liked and found fun to do. I would personally like to extend my thanks to miss wyatt for putting this years blog challenge together.

Week 9 – B

One fantastic Blog I visit is It`s an awesome blog because mainly its about her life and what she does not what others think about and what others think she should write and post. One of her best posts was in early October called and there is a cool video called kid president pep talk that you have to watch. It is awesome  and has other awesome posts and even though she has only a few posts i like every single one because they are interesting and sound good. But seriously this kid president  video is hilariously motivating and to everyone who sees this post must check out this post.

week 9 part A (Best Blog Post Ever

Some of my favourite things are here in canada like hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs, waffles, Twix bars and NHL 14.

But there are things that I would like to eat see or use from other countries for example , see the great wall of china or maybe visit the bahamas and swim with dolphins like I did in jamaica.

My Future

I plan to graduate and  In the year 2019,  I will make my college hockey debut with the maize and blue, (Michigan) scoring a goal to go along with two assists. I will go to Michigan for two years and then leave early to enter the NHL draft where I will be drafted 74th overall in the 3rd round by the Toronto Maple Leafs.


I will go on to play 14 NHL seasons with Toronto racking up 2 Stanley cups, 3 Norris trophies and 1 Art Ross trophy. Then I’ll make my retirement and become a sports commentator for TSN.

And Then It Happened                                                                                                                  (based on a fake story)

It was a cold January morning and Juan – Pablo, Bubba and I were playing road hockey pretending to be the Toronto Maple leafs (except for Juan Pablo who was a die hard Columbus Blue Jackets fan.)

Anyways we were playing when a limo drove by and the ball shot by Juan – Pablo hit the windshield The man in the back seat stepped out. to my surprise it was the butt chinned commentator for Toronto Maple Leafs Joe Bowen.

We explained that we were sorry and he forgave us for what happened. Just before he left he saw that we were Toronto fans (except for Juan – Pablo) and he asked us if we wanted club seats at the Toronto Marlies game so we said yes.

We went and saw them play Grand Rapids(Detroit) and just as the 2nd period ended Toronto scored to go up 3-1. After the goal Bubba had to go to the bathroom so he went and we stayed for the intermission show.”

When Bubba was in the bathroom a man walked in and went into a stall and Bubba continued his business. But Bubba wondered… the man looked familiar … somewhat famous. Bubba watched the man leave.

                      AND THEN IT HAPPENED

“Hey you are David Clarkson?”  said Bubba.

“Yes …yes I am.” He approached him and asked for an autograph. Clarkson was there because he had to serve his 10 game suspension. So he   signed his hat and returned to his seat but before he did, he gave him three tickets to the players suite for the rest of the game.

Bubba rushed to Juan Pablo and I  were confused until we saw the tickets, we all bolted to the suite  to find all the injured and suspended leafs players along with our bud Joe Bowen.

In all the excitement Bubba soiled his pants but I don’t think anyone saw thankfully.( I guess he was not done his bathroom break when Clarkson came. So the whole way home we talked about the game which Toronto won 4-3, but I think we cared more about our amazing Autographs. so from that day forward we always hit limo`s with pucks and then went to the bathroom during  hockey games.




student challenge week 8

activity 1

in a great post that catches my attention it usually has

– catchy title

-pictures or cartoons

– a blog that I often visit

-interesting topic

-needs to make sense

-detailed sentences/paragraphs

-links to other blogs/pages etc.

activity 2

I visited 10 blogs and commented on them with interesting answers and questions

activity 3

One of my greatest blog posts was one about the toronto maple leafs season called phil`n the net based on Phil kessel`s hattrick against anahiem because it was well thought out and had a catchy title to go along with a picture of Kessel scoring that night. I reviewed it for spelling and grammar to make sure I also left a link to that post for you guys and girls to see it.

activity 4

Three great blogs I have visited were all very interesting

one was it is amazing.

also, and blogs are really cool too.

Challenge 7

activity 3

I think teachers and students mind maps would be quite similar because  both would have electronics family. The differences would be maybe teachers might have kids and students are kids. The similarities  could be both might have parents and both have blogs at leas tin our class.

activity 4

i found the first video on miss. W`s blog more interesting and gave me more information about digital footprints. The music made it more interesting and also, the words on screen instead of being said helped because I am more of a visual learner.

Activity 5

My digital footprint would be positive because there is nothing my grand children should not see. almost everything I`ve posted has been clean not racial and not sexist.


Activity 8

I would say that all 9 elements are important but digital access and digital communication are two that I agree are important and inj general all I need to work on because I can`t be perfect at anything.